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12 Days to "Tantric" Self Love e-Book


  • Love your body as it is, take care of it and respect it

  • Empower yourself to take time for pleasure and rest (without guilt)

  • Ignite passion in your relationship and become a juicier lover

  • Indulge your senses and needs daily

  • Manifest your core, heart-filled desires in work, life, and love

  • Enrich your life by stepping into your power, taking responsibility for how you feel, and loving yourself first!

  • Fun Tip: You can save this ebook to your iBooks or Kindle. I also changed my ACCESSIBILITY settings on my phone & can have it read out loud to me.  

By becoming your own best lover, you can attract abundance and romantic partners who are capable of loving and respecting your needs. Because to give, you must also receive. Loving yourself first allows you to see yourself and others in a new light.

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What People Are Saying:

The 12 Days to Self-Love is the best introductory course for starting your tantric journey. I have been practicing tantra for 3 years. Many courses jump right into the practice of tantra rather than give you the necessary basic tools to help you grow. In order to delve deeper into a tantric practice with another, one must first learn the importance of self-love. The 12 Days to Self-Love assists with that. Each email was easy to read. The mantras were perfect. I highly recommend this e-Book for anyone who has an interest in Tantra. - Vortasia