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I’ll show you how to connect a healthy body, mind, and soul so you can live a pleasure-filled life!

Nurse-Certified Tantra Educator-Certified Master Coach (trauma-informed)


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Watch a Masterclass Replay or Join a Group Program or Online Tantra Course!

Masterclass Replays are a great place to start if you’re not ready for 1:1 or group coaching. 

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Comprehensive Online Course. Learn at Your Own Pace

 • Unlock the secrets of Tantra and experience love and bliss beyond your wildest imagination with our 6-week online course.
• Ancient wisdom from India is combined with modern teachings to guide you on a journey to greater fulfillment, joy, and expansive bliss.
• Learn about mantras, meditation, yantras, mandalas, white tantra, pink tantra, red tantra & black tantra in addition to intimacy & self-love.
• Transform your life today by unlocking the incredible secrets of Tantra for more passion in relationships.

AFTERPAY zero-interest payment plans available.

I'm Ready!

Blow His Mind Masterclass Replay 

Are you ready to blow your lover's mind?!

• A 90-minute masterclass taught by an experienced nurse and certified Tantric Educator.
• Learn techniques to give mind-blowing oral pleasure.
• Masterclass includes instruction on Tantric Lingham Massage and the Anatomy of Pleasure & MUCH more

• Lifetime access to this masterclass

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Let's GO!

Discover the Art of Female Pleasure

In this 90-minute Masterclass Replay with Q&A, you will unlock the secrets behind the 9+ Types of Female O & gain the skills you need for an orgasmic intimate life.  Become a master of pleasure, whether alone or with a partner, and get ready for a heightened level of ecstasy. 

NOTE: This Masterclass is also available in the Pleasure Bundle below.

AFTERPAY zero-interest payment plans available.

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The Pleasure Bundle


Learn the Tantric secrets for maximum pleasure that you can use solo or with a partner.

You'll learn the secrets to the 9+ types of Female 0RGASMS, how to connect more deeply to your Divine Feminine, Tips for Male Stamina in bed, Heal S*xual Shame mini-course,  & a 12-Day Tantric Self-Love ebook program to help you achieve deeper self-love.

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Men's Health Stamina:  How to Last Longer & Stronger in Bed!

The Male Stamina Masterclass Replay with Q&A is here!  Stop struggling in the bedroom today & equip yourself with the tools you need to increase stamina and last longer in bed.  In just 90-minutes, you'll uncover the culprits of ED & PE, the advantages of peak performance mastery, and how to amplify your endurance. Take action & invest in the Male Stamina Masterclass today! 

NOTE: This Masterclass is also available in the Pleasure Bundle above.

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Group Coaching & Online Programs

Online Programs & Tantric Self-Love Ebook

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Orgasmic Manifestation Group Program


Tantric Self-Love ebook - Mini Course

Heal From S*xual Shame Course

Awaken Your Feminine Magic Masterclass Replay

Orgasmic Magic

Manifestation Method

Transform your life & unleash your inner power with Tantra!  Learn how to use Tantra to boost your confidence & charisma in this Masterclass Recording.  Discover how to enhance your Law of Attraction through the power of pleasure! 

AFTERPAY zero-interest payment plans available.

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It's a Pleasure to meet you!

Hi! I’m Dominique, a healing Master coach, Nurse (RN), and certified Tantra educator. I work with clients to heal their mind, body and soul from the inside out so they can live a life of power, pleasure, presence, and purpose.


More About Tantra & Who I Am

My methods

Three paths to explore:

Tantra as a tool for healing, clarity & finding inner peace.
Somatic movement & dance to strengthen the body and mind.
Nervous System Regulation &
Somatics through Sensuality.

Let's Connect

Feel free to reach out any time