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(This offer is a recording of a live Masterclass.)

NOTE:  This Class is a Recording of a Live Masterclass

Hi, I'm Dominique D'Vita. 

I'm a certified Tantra educator, Registered Nurse & trauma-informed Master Coach.

The techniques I'll share in this masterclass are some of the foundations my clients have used to enhance their lives from experiencing mind-blowing pleasure to closing 7 figure deals.

Did you know that finishing too fast can cause fatigue & decrease creativity? Or that the urge to finish is strongest after 2 to 10 minutes of action?

If you can begin lasting 15-20 minutes, you'll reach an energetic plateau where you can more easily sustain a higher intensity of lovemaking for a longer period of time, enjoying multiple & whole body bliss without draining your energy. 

The benefits of prolonged stamina can lead to deeper states of pleasure, conserved energy, lasting longer, greater productivity, more intimacy, increased creativity,  improved health & vitality, and much more.

Men who have control over their urges are focused men, and focused men are powerful men, and more successful men. Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla practiced energetic transmutation techniques (as discussed in “Think & Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill) which I teach my clients. 

We'll also cover the common culprits that lead to ED and PE, & dive into what weakens your performance and how to strengthen your love muscles.

The benefits of peak performance mastery are possible for you!

Watch this masterclass replay & when you're ready to dive deeper with 1:1 or group coaching, let me know.  You will learn the foundations for deeper learning and skills to begin overcoming your current challenges.  


You'll Learn:

  • The benefits of peak performance mastery
  • Common culprits of ED that most men are unaware of
  • What weakens your stamina & how to strengthen your endurance

Is all this really possible? 

Hear it from my clients 👇🏼

"My love life is a hundred times better than when I was half my age. And who would have ever guessed that? I never would have imagined that. My body feels so different. I'm becoming less dependent on s*xual imagery because anatomy is more sensitive. I would say more alive and more aware. I just turned 60 and I'm better in bed than I was at 30. Half my age. Who would have imagined these things?!"

- Roy

"Dominique is an amazing & gifted soul. She is a teacher, master, educator and provider of so much wisdom and divinity. I appreciate her presence on this planet."

- Shaman Durek

"Self-knowledge is very important, and that goes with self-love. Mind, body, soul. Peace, truth, happiness, and understanding. Clearing out the self doubt is very important, and that's what Dominique inspires. Her advice &  philosophies are very important, and I endorse whatever she has to do to make the world better." 

- Chuck D of Public Enemy

Yes, I'm Ready!


DISCLAIMER *** Claims made by current or former clients, or any representation made by any staff or enrollment team members of Yes Tantra are in no way a guarantee that you will receive similar results and benefits from this course. We cannot know the state of your relationship life and the level of commitment you will display in the pursuit of creating an outstanding and satisfying love life or relationship. The results of the student/client are dependent on participation, commitment and other elements that are specific to that student/client and their partner(s) if this course is being done as part of a relationship(s). We stand by the quality of the materials offered in this course.