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Have you been craving a deeper connection with your sensual energy & pleasure?

Goddess, I got you!

It's time to celebrate yourself - you hold magic within you that is the ultimate source to unlocking everything you want in life. It is your birthright to be profoundly connected to this source, and it's easier to access than you may think. If you are ready to learn the magic of pleasure - this masterclass is for you!



Dominique D'Vita is a Registered Nurse & Tantra Coach. This will be a shame free space to understand how to experience more pleasure in your body, relationships, and life overall. 

I've worked with D'Vita for a few months. I began working with her with the intention of stepping into my feminine energy. She has shown me a wide range of self-love practices, as well as teaching me about chakras and unblocking them through meditation, breathing, and tantra so that I could step into my feminine energy.

- Sophia

Dominique has actually helped me in many ways. Yes Tantra, as you may know her on Instagram, has helped by debunking so many s*xual taboos and has helped me with working through some shame and trauma, bringing myself fully into the present moment, she is such a gift and I recommend her to anyone.

- Anita

In D'Vita's last online workshop, I learned SO much about female anatomy and how to break through barriers that were keeping me in a cycle of fear. My knowledge of female pleasure has expanded significantly since working with D'Vita and I cannot wait to attend the next masterclass! Her teachings are a gift!

- Ryland



DISCLAIMER *** Claims made by current or former clients, or any representation made by any staff or enrollment team members of Yes Tantra are in no way a guarantee that you will receive similar results and benefits from this course. We cannot know the state of your relationship life and the level of commitment you will display in the pursuit of creating an outstanding and satisfying love life or relationship. The results of the student/client are dependent on participation, commitment and other elements that are specific to that student/client and their partner(s) if this course is being done as part of a relationship(s). We stand by the quality of the materials offered in this course.