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This Masterclass Replay will blow both you & your lover's minds! 

Learn mind-blowing techniques, Tantric C0CK/Lingham Massage, & the Anatomy of oral from a Tantric nurse.

90-minute Masterclass Replay

What You'll Get:

Our masterclass is the perfect way to unlock the secrets of oral pleasure. Led by a Registered Nurse (aka "head nurse") you'll learn the anatomy of pleasure. 

Did you know you can have throatgasms when giving oral?  

You'll learn Tantric massage, giving you the skills to give maximum pleasure.

With tips & tricks from a Nurse, you can be sure that you're learning from an expert.

REPLAY: Our 90-minute masterclass is a replay that you will have lifetime access to. So you can watch it as many times as you need. It's loaded with valuable tips.

Learn the skills & knowledge to share an unforgettable experience with your lover. You can be sure that you are giving your partner the best experience of their life.

You'll also learn tips to support your s*xual health & wellness.

I've designed this workshop specifically for beginners, so you can learn the key practices to get started on your Tantra journey.


If you are tired of unhealthy relationship patterns or being disappointed with love...

Tantra can help.

Tantra transformed my life and I am here to share how it can do the same for you.

Before I started my Tantra journey, I was attracting shallow relationships and not feeling fulfilled. 

Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

Let me ask you...

Are you approaching relationships with a fear of being abandoned? Do you keep breaking up with a lover only to have the same issues with a NEW lover? Thinking they’re the problem? Or that you're the problem? What is the pattern there that needs to break?

If you don’t figure out what that cycle is or the pattern you’re repeating, you’ll continue to attract the same situations. 

When we seek fulfillment from someone else, it creates an unhealthy dynamic. Approaching relationships from victim consciousness, even on a subconscious level, prolongs what's ultimately meant for you.

Tantra is here as a tool to help you sustainably source this fulfillment from within. In this workshop, I'll teach you to source amazing pleasure from yourself, and by doing so, attract the most fulfilling love.

What exactly will this workshop teach you? 

Oral Skills

Oral Tips, Techniques & Tricks that Will BLOW His Mind! 

Learning Oral Skills from a Nurse, Certified Tantra educator & sexpert who was a recurring guest sharing tips on Playboy Radio!  Prepare to BE Mindblown with all you learn!

S*xual Reflexology

Similar to acupuncture/acupressure points & using these points to increase s*xual pleasure.

Bonus Resources 

  • How to decrease your gag reflex & tips for swallowing with ease
  • Health tips
  • Energy orgasms & throatgasms
  • You can also ask questions through the course platform & I will answer them for you within 24 hours during weekday business hours. 

Ready to take your oral skills to mind-blowing levels?


I've spent decades studying about the human body & pleasure.

Before Tantra, I was already having amazing S3X! I was multi-orgasmic & have been giving s*x tips to my friends & later on Playboy radio for over 20 years!  

I'm also a Scorpio, born on Halloween, and Scorpio's are known for their sexuality.  

But, I began approaching s*x like 'Samantha' on "S*x in the City."  I felt I already knew everything there was to know about s*x and my friends were telling me I should write a book.  

With Tantra, I realized there were levels of pleasure I had never imagined possible.  I'm here to share what's possible for you to experience & to encourage you to DROP any shame because Pleasure IS Medicine!  



I've done one-on-one coaching with D'Vita as well as her OM Method program & online workshops. Anything she creates, I'm opting into. Just. That. Simple! She is a phenomenal teacher and has helped me improve my relationship with myself and my partner! There's so much more for me to learn with her, and I am here for it!!

- Ryland


Dominique has actually helped me in many ways. Yes Tantra, as you may know her on Instagram, has helped by debunking so many s*xual taboos and has helped me with working through some shame and trauma, bringing myself fully into the present moment. She is such a gift and I recommend her to anyone.

- Anita


I've worked with D'Vita for a few months. I began working with her with the intention of stepping into my feminine energy. She has shown me a wide range of self-love practices, as well as teaching me about chakras and unblocking them through meditation, breathing, and tantra so that I could step into my feminine energy.

- Sophia

This course is for you if...

  • You want to have expert oral skills that blow your lovers mind!
  • You love learning more about pleasure!
  • You are unsure of your oral skills & want to have more confidence.
  • You have questions that you've been too shy to ask but now feel ready to get them answered!
  • You feel awkward when it comes to oral.
  • You want to give and receive maximum pleasure.
  • If you want to connect to your sensual power.
  • You're ready to for some fun sexploration!

This course is NOT for you if...

  • If you are super uncomfortable with s*x-positive conversations. (If not, my Healing From S*xual Shame Masterclass would be the best starting point for you).
  • ​​If you are uncomfortable with the thought of giving someone oral pleasure.
  • You've recently experienced a s.exual trauma and haven't yet begun processing this with therapy or other forms of 1:1 support (Book a discovery call or seek professional help FIRST)

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  • Masterclass recording
  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for maximum mind-blowing pleasure
  • Tantric Lingham Massage
  • S*xual Reflexology
  • S*xual Health Tips
  • Additional Bonus Resources
  • Lifetime access & any future course updates

Let me ask you.. Did You Receive the S8X Education You Deserve? 

 There are numerous benefits to having a healthy s*x life. 

👉Invest in Your Pleasure

👉 Pleasure IS Medicine

👉Do you shy away from s*x because you aren't feeling confident as a lover? How is this impacting your relationships?

👉 When you OWN your sensuality, you are unstoppable!

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DISCLAIMER *** Claims made by current or former clients, or any representation made by any staff or enrollment team members of Yes Tantra are in no way a guarantee that you will receive similar results and benefits from this course. We cannot know the state of your relationship life and the level of commitment you will display in the pursuit of creating an outstanding and satisfying love life or relationship. The results of the student/client are dependent on participation, commitment and other elements that are specific to that student/client and their partner(s) if this course is being done as part of a relationship(s). We stand by the quality of the materials offered in this course. S3X shame is deeply roote, and fully getting rid of it will take more than this Masterclass.

This Masterclass will be eye-opening and provide you with powerful steps to begin freeing yourself from the grips of shame.  My intention is that this helps you understand where your feelings of shame are coming from and how to move past them.  Because a shame-free S3X life is the
BEST S3X life!  And you deserve to experience deeper intimacy and connection and mind-blowing pleasure!