“We desperately don’t want to experience shame, and we’re not willing to talk about it. Yet the only way to resolve shame IS to talk about it.” Brené Brown  

In this Pre-Recorded Mini-Course, we go boldly into the realm of healing s.exual shame. It's time to take back your power, create the life that you want, free from shame & guilt.

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This Pre-Recorded Workshop is the starting place for everyone ready to enjoy s3x more, feel more confident, and live their truth.


There is one thing holding you back from the life you want to be living and your authentic expression in all areas of your life.


Pleasure is medicine, yet society programs us to feel shame about our bodies and feel pleasure. 


We disconnect from our s.exual energy, aka chi, aka life-force energy.  

Being disconnected from our creative power creates blocks in our relationships and limits us in manifesting our deepest desires. 


Shame shows up as relationship challenges, financial challenges, and much more. We limit ourselves in ALL areas of our lives when we limit ourselves from experiencing pleasure. 

What if you never second-guess yourself again? What if you felt confident showing up in ALL areas of life, from dates to meetings. What if you felt confident that you could create the financial freedom you desire.

What if you could be yourself no matter what. 


Pleasure is your birthright! 

It's time to set yourself free from shame.

I've designed this workshop specifically for beginners, so you can learn the key practices to get started on your Tantra journey.


If you are tired of unhealthy relationship patterns or being disappointed with love...

Tantra can help.

Tantra transformed my life and I am here to share how it can do the same for you.

Before I started my Tantra journey, I was attracting shallow relationships and not feeling fulfilled. 

Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

Let me ask you...

Are you approaching relationships with a fear of being abandoned? Do you keep breaking up with a lover only to have the same issues with a NEW lover? Thinking they’re the problem? Or that you're the problem? What is the pattern there that needs to break?

If you don’t figure out what that cycle is or the pattern you’re repeating, you’ll continue to attract the same situations. 

When we seek fulfillment from someone else, it creates an unhealthy dynamic. Approaching relationships from victim consciousness, even on a subconscious level, prolongs what's ultimately meant for you.

Tantra is here as a tool to help you sustainably source this fulfillment from within. In this workshop, I'll teach you to source amazing pleasure from yourself, and by doing so, attract the most fulfilling love.

What exactly will this workshop teach you? 

The 6 Signs of Sexual Shame

We look at how sexual shame begins and the 6 signs of sexual shame that we can use to identify our shame, and the 3 things that shame needs to grow.

Master your Emotional Frequency

We look at how shame impacts our frequency, aka vibration. We discuss how shame creates dis-ease in our bodies, and in healing shame, we can shift our vibration and attract more of what we desire. 

Bonus Resources 

 This masterclass comes with a bonus recording of how to do the Cosmic Hug - a powerful Tantric tool for connecting with your partner or yourself. AND you'll also get a BONUS: Guided Meditations for self-forgiveness and self-compassion. You can also ask questions through the course platform and I will answer them for you. 

Ready to take action and learn techniques that will empower you to connect to your body, pleasure, and desires free from shame so you can be your most confident self?


I spent decades reading self-help books (aka “shelf help”) in the hopes of healing from past traumas, negative relationship patterns and controlling my anger.

Before Tantra, I even read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh - titled "Anger". It helped expand my awareness of anger, but I still lacked TOOLS to help me respond to the world around me instead of being "reactive."  

I was raised by my Mom, who was an alcoholic and had never experienced healthy relationships and boundaries (ZERO boundaries with a drunk person!)  

Tantra gave me the tools I needed to balance my emotions, begin attracting healthy relationships and improve my existing relationships.  

Most importantly, it healed my relationship with myself. I was able to embrace my feminine energy (I had been leading my life from masculine energy), drop my intimacy blocks and begin loving myself unconditionally.

Fortunately, S3X was not a taboo topic in my home, and I grew up being comfortable talking to my Mom about all things sexual. This has helped me have ease with these conversations and create safe spaces for others to openly share with me their s.exual desires and fears.


I've done one-on-one coaching with D'Vita as well as her OM Method program & online workshops. Anything she creates, I'm opting into. Just. That. Simple! She is a phenomenal teacher and has helped me improve my relationship with myself and my partner! There's so much more for me to learn with her, and I am here for it!!

- Ryland


Dominique has actually helped me in many ways. Yes Tantra, as you may know her on Instagram, has helped by debunking so many s*xual taboos and has helped me with working through some shame and trauma, bringing myself fully into the present moment. She is such a gift and I recommend her to anyone.

- Anita


I've worked with D'Vita for a few months. I began working with her with the intention of stepping into my feminine energy. She has shown me a wide range of self-love practices, as well as teaching me about chakras and unblocking them through meditation, breathing, and tantra so that I could step into my feminine energy.

- Sophia

This course is for you if...

  • This is for you if you are tired of reading self-help books and not learning tools that actually help you drop shame.  
  • You are experiencing blocks in your creativity. 
  • You avoid S3X with your spouse or lover due to unresolved feelings of shame. 
  • You have body shame that has you hiding and avoiding intimacy. 
  • You feel STUCK in a cycle of shame.
  • You lack trust in relationships & worry your lover will "judge" you. 
  • You think S3X is dirty 
  • Talking about S3C was/is taboo in your family and with your friends/peers.
  • You feel guilty about experiencing pleasure & often deny yourself self-pleasure. 
  • You feel S3X is something you "give" your lover and not something for YOU to receive & have your needs met.   
  • You have experienced or feared "slut shaming."  
  • You feel shame about nudity. 
  • You're not able to communicate with your lover about what you need/want to receive or explore in bed 
  • You worry what your friends/family will think if you enjoy a healthy S3X life, aka pursue your desires. 
  • You don't feel that you deserve to receive pleasure or love. Feeling "unworthy"
  • If you're ready to stop feeling guilty about S3X, s.exual thoughts, and your s.exual desires 
  • If you want to amplify your Law of Attraction skills.  
  • You have past regrets & struggle to forgive yourself (cheating, toxic relationships, one night stands, not expressing your boundaries in bed, falling 0RGASMS, etc.)
  • If you want to tap into your MOST creative energy and increase your creativity 
  • If you want to heal from shame and start embracing your sensual self. 
  • If you want to feel confident in your own skin
  • You're ready to free yourself from s.exual shame & the opinions of others! 
  • You're ready to reclaim your s.exual power & approach life from pleasure instead of shame! 🙌

This course is NOT for you if...

  • If you aren't ready to commit to yourself and the practices this course will teach you. 
  • If you prefer to remain stuck in your "comfort zone."  
  • ​​If you are comfortable playing small and not ready to show up powerfully for yourself and your dreams.
  • If you aren't ready to create a shift in your perspective/reality.
  • You've recently experienced a s.exual trauma and haven't yet begun processing this with therapy or other forms of 1:1 support (Book a discovery call or seek professional help FIRST)

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Let me ask you.. What is the cost of doing NOTHING differently? 


Society doesn't teach us tools to live life as sovereign empowered beings

👉 We are taught to be sheep and NOT think for ourselves.

👉 Think about ALL the years of "education." Did they give you tools to help you love deeply, experience pleasure, connection, and passion? How to be a better parent or partner? Why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Why do children need to heal from their "traumas" that have been passed down for generations? OR did they program you to feel shame and strive for an illusion of "perfectionism?"  

👉 Do you worry MORE about how others perceive you versus tapping into your heart's desires?  

👉 WHO are you when you stop listening to the pressure of society and BEGIN listening to your heart & soul. Tantra helps you gain clarity so you can HEAR what your soul longs for. 

Got Questions?
I've got the answers 

Ready to drop the shame and become the most confident version of you yet? 

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DISCLAIMER *** Claims made by current or former clients, or any representation made by any staff or enrollment team members of Yes Tantra are in no way a guarantee that you will receive similar results and benefits from this course. We cannot know the state of your relationship life and the level of commitment you will display in the pursuit of creating an outstanding and satisfying love life or relationship. The results of the student/client are dependent on participation, commitment and other elements that are specific to that student/client and their partner(s) if this course is being done as part of a relationship(s). We stand by the quality of the materials offered in this course. S3X shame is deeply roote, and fully getting rid of it will take more than this Masterclass.

This Masterclass will be eye-opening and provide you with powerful steps to begin freeing yourself from the grips of shame.  My intention is that this helps you understand where your feelings of shame are coming from and how to move past them.  Because a shame-free S3X life is the
BEST S3X life!  And you deserve to experience deeper intimacy and connection and mind-blowing pleasure!