Discover the transformative power of Tantra & unlock the secrets that will unleash the life & s*xual fulfillment you've always dreamed of.

Are you tired of unhealthy relationship patterns & feeling unfulfilled in love & life? It's time to embark on a transformative journey with Tantra.  


Discover the power of Tantra & unlock a life of deep connection & blissful love. This course is specifically designed for beginners, providing you with the essential practices to start your Tantra journey. 


Before I discovered Tantra, my relationships lacked depth & fulfillment. Perhaps you can relate. Are you trapped in a cycle of fear, abandonment, & repeating patterns with different partners? It's time to break free! 

Let me ask you a few questions:

Are you ready to uncover the patterns that are holding you back & create lasting change?

Are you tired of seeking fulfillment from others & ready to experience it within yourself?

Are you yearning for a love that is truly fulfilling?

Tantra offers the tools you need to create sustainable fulfillment from within.

In this course, I guide you to discover the incredible pleasure that resides within you, allowing you to attract the love you truly desire.

Don't settle for shallow connections & unfulfilled relationships. It's time to embrace the transformative power of Tantra & manifest a love that exceeds your wildest dreams. YESSS!

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey?

Join now & unlock a world of love, pleasure, & profound connection.


Unveiling the Secrets: Explore the Transformative Teachings of Tantra

6 Transformational Tantra Modules

Unlock the power of Tantra with our 6 expertly curated modules, carefully crafted to provide you with the most impactful and actionable practices. Each module draws from the essence of my extensive Tantric teachings, delivering condensed wisdom in an easy-to-digest format. Dive into these modules & experience profound transformation in your life.

Enhanced Educational Videos  

Immerse yourself in a rich learning experience with our comprehensive collection of step-by-step educational videos. In each module, I personally guide you through the theory & practical application of Tantra in your relationships & s*x life. Gain a deep understanding of the principles & witness their direct impact on transforming your connection & pleasure.

Elevating Guided Meditations

Embark on a profound inner journey with our exclusive collection of specially recorded guided meditations. These transformative meditations are designed to take you deeper into your being, facilitating full body, heart & mind shifts. Experience the power of meditation as it aligns your energy, expands your consciousness, & unlocks new levels of pleasure & connection.

Empowering Journal Prompts & Bonus Worksheets

Gain access to a treasure trove of powerful journal prompts & bonus resource worksheets that have yielded extraordinary results for my clients. These carefully crafted prompts will guide you on a transformative introspective journey, helping you delve into your thoughts, emotions, & desires. Uncover hidden insights, challenge limiting beliefs, & unleash your true potential. These invaluable tools will empower you to make profound shifts & create lasting change in your life & relationships.

Timeless Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Unlock the transformative power of Tantra as I distill the profound principles of this ancient practice into a format that is easily applicable to your modern-day existence. Drawing from generations of wisdom, I have curated a simplified & practical approach to Tantra that seamlessly integrates into your everyday life. Discover how to harness the sacred teachings of Tantra & effortlessly infuse them into your relationships, intimacy, & personal growth. Embrace a path that honors tradition while embracing the possibilities of the present, empowering you to create a life of deep fulfillment & authentic connection.

I've designed this workshop specifically for beginners, so you can learn the key practices to get started on your Tantra journey.


If you are tired of unhealthy relationship patterns or being disappointed with love...

Tantra can help.

Tantra transformed my life and I am here to share how it can do the same for you.

Before I started my Tantra journey, I was attracting shallow relationships and not feeling fulfilled. 

Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

Let me ask you...

Are you approaching relationships with a fear of being abandoned? Do you keep breaking up with a lover only to have the same issues with a NEW lover? Thinking they’re the problem? Or that you're the problem? What is the pattern there that needs to break?

If you don’t figure out what that cycle is or the pattern you’re repeating, you’ll continue to attract the same situations. 

When we seek fulfillment from someone else, it creates an unhealthy dynamic. Approaching relationships from victim consciousness, even on a subconscious level, prolongs what's ultimately meant for you.

Tantra is here as a tool to help you sustainably source this fulfillment from within. In this workshop, I'll teach you to source amazing pleasure from yourself, and by doing so, attract the most fulfilling love.

Tantra is MORE than Great S*x

(and who doesn’t want to experience more orgasmic pleasure?)

Experience the transformative power of Tantra, unlocking your full potential & releasing barriers & patterns that hold you back.


For years, I immersed myself in self-help books (aka "shelf help") to heal past traumas, break free from negative relationship patterns, & gain control over my anger. 

Before Tantra, I immersed myself in Thich Nhat Hanh's "Anger" book, expanding my awareness but lacking practical tools to respond instead of react. Raised by an alcoholic mom, boundaries were nonexistent. Tantra, rooted in ancient wisdom over 5,000 years old, revealed the power of breath, sound, & movement—essential tenets that also support trauma healing. Tantra became my catalyst, initiating my journey towards healing & transforming trauma. It enabled me to balance emotions, attract healthier relationships, & experience unconditional self-love & healing.


I've done one-on-one coaching with D'Vita as well as her OM Method program & online workshops. Anything she creates, I'm opting into. Just. That. Simple! She is a phenomenal teacher and has helped me improve my relationship with myself and my partner! There's so much more for me to learn with her, and I am here for it!!

- Ryland


Dominique has actually helped me in many ways. Yes Tantra, as you may know her on Instagram, has helped by debunking so many s*xual taboos and has helped me with working through some shame and trauma, bringing myself fully into the present moment. She is such a gift and I recommend her to anyone.

- Anita


I've worked with D'Vita for a few months. I began working with her with the intention of stepping into my feminine energy. She has shown me a wide range of self-love practices, as well as teaching me about chakras and unblocking them through meditation, breathing, and tantra so that I could step into my feminine energy.

- Sophia

Unveiling Ancient Secrets:

What You'll Learn

in Each Module

Sacred White Tantra Practices

Meditation, Breathwork, Yantas, Mantras & Mudras, Energies, Deities & Goddesses

Expand your consciousness & balance masculine & feminine energies with White Tantra. Discover how to use this ancient practice to ignite passion & bring harmony into relationships. Unlock the power of White Tantra to find inner peace, self-awareness, lasting connection, & prolonged pleasure.

The Energetic Power of Your Chakras

Ignite passion & harmony. Learn about Chakras, Kundalini Energy, & Grounding techniques to open blocked energy & create lasting transformation. Expand consciousness, balance energies, & discover inner peace & self-awareness. Expand your energy field for personal growth & empowerment.

Pink Tantra: Transforming Relationships through Tantric Self-Love

Discover the profound impact of Tantric self-love on all your relationships, as they reflect the relationship you have with yourself. By cultivating self-love, you can shift your inner world & create a magnetic attraction for healthier relationships & more fulfilling connections with passionate lovers.

Dive into the depths of your heart chakra as we explore self-love rituals to open its radiant energy. Learn to embrace vulnerability & release intimacy blocks that hinder deep connections. Our journey includes the empowering "12 Days to Self-Love" ebook, transformative techniques to unlock the heart chakra, & a guided Tantra heart meditation to awaken its full potential.

This module is your gateway to unlocking the transformative power of love within yourself & beyond.

Red Tantra: Pleasure & Intimacy

Embark on a transformative journey through Red Tantra, where pleasure becomes a sacred gateway to deeper connection, intimacy, & passion. This module introduces you to techniques for experiencing heightened pleasure, both as individuals & within partnerships. Discover the art of self-pleasure and its profound ability to awaken sensuality, while also exploring intimacy practices that ignite the fires of desire. Unleash your inner power, stamina, & sensuality through tailored exercises designed to deepen intimacy. With Red Tantra, pleasure becomes a potent medicine that revitalizes relationships, nourishes the soul, & opens doors to bliss. Embrace this extraordinary path of self-discovery, connection, & pleasure, and unlock the realms of desire within yourself & your romantic relationships.

Unleash the Power of Sacred S*xuality

In this module, we delve into the realms of mind-blowing pleasure, conscious connection, & energetic exchange. Explore the art of pleasure mapping, unlocking the secrets to s*xual experiences that transcend the ordinary. Learn the art of conscious touch, deeper intimacy & connection through mindful connection. Discover the sacred dance of energy exchange, harnessing the potent forces within & between partners for heightened states of ecstasy. Set clear boundaries & intentions, creating a safe & sacred space for exploration & expression. Immerse yourself & experience the profound union of mind, body, & soul.

Experience Everyday Magic with Tantra

Discover the profound benefits of aligning your inner world with your desires, both inside & outside the bedroom. Shift your perspective from seeking fulfillment externally to cultivating inner harmony, magnetizing the experiences you desire through alignment & the law of attraction. Experience the transformative power of Tantra in your daily life, unlocking joy, abundance, and deep connection. Embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary moments & create a life of limitless possibilities.

This course is for you if...

  • You're done with self-help books that don't provide practical tools for self-actualization.
  • You're ready to take action & learn empowering techniques for living an authentic & passionate life.
  • You're eager to respond to life rather than react or over-react.
  • You seek to understand & harness the power of both feminine & masculine energies, embracing their duality regardless of gender.
  • You're determined to establish healthy boundaries & break free from toxic patterns & relationships.
  • You want to amplify your Law of Attraction skills & manifest your desires.
  • You're ready to tap into your most creative energy & live the life your heart truly desires.
  • You're done playing small & are ready to embrace your true power.
  • You're committed to living life from a place of love rather than fear.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • If you aren’t ready to commit to yourself & the transformative practices this course offers
  • If you believe that anger equates to power & are unwilling to explore healthier ways of self-expression
  • If you prefer to remain stuck in your comfort zone & resist stepping out of it
  • If you are more comfortable playing small & are not willing to show up powerfully for yourself & your dreams
  • If you don't have a growth mindset & are resistant to personal development & change

Worth over $3,000

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Claim your spot now & begin this transformative journey to unlock the secrets of Tantra & ignite your true potential!!

  •  6 transformative content modules designed to meet your needs

  • Engaging educational videos & comprehensive resources to deepen your understanding

  • Guided meditations for profound relaxation & inner exploration

  • Recordings of past bonus Group Calls with Dominique with additional guidance.

  • BONUS gift: Cosmic Reflections Journal to enhance your self-reflection journey

  • Plus, discover a treasure trove of additional value-packed content & surprises waiting for you inside

  • Unlock the full potential of this course & experience an abundance of valuable resources, guidance, & transformative practices that will empower you on your journey of growth & self-discovery.


Let me ask you.. What is the cost of doing NOTHING differently? 


👉 Society doesn’t teach us tools to live life as empowered beings

👉 We are taught to be sheep and NOT think for ourselves.

👉 Think about ALL the years of “education.”  Did they give you tools to help you love deeply, experience pleasure, connection and passion? How to be a better parent or partner?  Why do you think the divorce rate is so high?  Why are children needing to heal from their “traumas” that have been passed down for generations?  OR did they program you to feel shame and strive for an illusion of “perfectionism?”  Perfectionism doesn’t exist.  It only keeps you playing small and procrastinating on your dreams and goals because you constantly believe you “aren’t ready yet”...UNTIL you're “perfect!”  

👉 Do you worry MORE about how others perceive you verus tapping into your hearts desires?  

👉 WHO are you when you stop listening to the pressure of society and BEGIN listening to your heart & soul.  Tantra helps you gain clarity so you can HEAR what your soul longs for. 

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Three Replays of Bonus Calls with Dominique D'Vita

Gain exclusive access to the BONUS replays of the live calls that were conducted for the initial members of this course. By listening to these replays, you'll gain valuable insights and knowledge. If you have any questions or need further clarification, simply share your question in the comment section, & Dominique will personally address them during regular business hours. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your learning experience & get any extra support you need.

The Cosmic Reflections Journal

You'll also get the Cosmic Reflections Journal direct from the exclusive OM Method course. This journal distills all the daily practices that are essential for embodying tantra & pleasure in your everyday life

Embrace the transformative power of Tantra today & unlock your highest potential!


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